Air Handling Units

Comprehensive deep cleaning service for air handling units, air conditioning units and fan coil units.

Air Conditioning Units

Deep cleaning for smaller systems and individual offices, for cleaner air and better efficiency.

Air Handling & Fan Coil Units

Deep cleaning for larger systems for better, cleaner circulation around office blocks, warehouses and factories.

Deep Cleaning

We carry out a deep clean of your air handling units, cleaning the inside using Disifin.

We thoroughly clean the internal sections of the air handling plant and report any surface defects, corrosion and offer solutions for any necessary repairs.

Filter Cleaning

We clean or replace filters depending on the condition and pressure drop tests across panel filters, bag filters and, if installed, HEPA filters.

We check to make sure the filters are seated correctly and not bi-passing or carrying air over which leads to reduced performance.

Fan Coil Cleaning

The internal sections of the fan coil unit are cleaned and then treated with Disifin so that air can freely pass, which will increase the air flow into the building.

This reduces the pressure drop across the coils, improves air flow and reduces excessive energy costs.


With air conditioning units or fan coil units, the internal covers are cleaned using Disifin. The filters will be cleaned or replaced depending on condition and fan motors, impellers and shafts inside the fan coil units will also be cleaned. This prolongs the life of the fan and produces greater air flow, adding more dilution to the air space.

Disifin is a disinfectant that is widely used in health care facilities.

Example Cleaning - Before & After

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