Disifin Fogging

If your premises may have been exposed to a virus (such as COVID-19), our disinfecting fogging service will ensure peace of mind.


Disinfecting fogging for offices, warehouses and factories.


Disinfecting fogging for hotels, restaurants and venues.

High Street

Disinfecting fogging for shops, salons, pubs and caf├ęs.

Public Sector

Disinfecting fogging for schools, hospitals and surgeries.

Disifin is a disinfectant that is widely used in health care facilities.


Our disinfection fogging process is carried out using Disifin, a health care approved product.

Disifin is clinically tested and the results show that it destroys viruses, bacteria and fungi by as much as 99%. It does not cause damage, so you do not have to worry about your workplace, you can leave everything as normal. Fogging is carried out using a device that delivers the product in a mist pattern and is an airless spraying unit that does not atomise with air.

Disifin is a unique wideband disinfectant that we purchase in tablet and powder form which is mixed with water before it is ready as an application to be used.

When applying Disifin by application of fogging, micro fumigation is transmitted and the active ingredient reaches the surfaces and then starts to develop its full effect on the living microorganisms, breaking down and destroying unwanted bacteria and fungi.

Disifin - A Proven Solution:

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